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David Cowley Jnr

Re: Aircombat and Blue Foam Models

Post by David Cowley Jnr » Mon Sep 01, 2014 7:11 pm

After almost 6 months of waiting I finally managed to test fly the Myrsky yesterday. No problems at all 8-)

As expected the model is very quick and agile certainly not a beginners model or first low winger. Just 2 clicks of up trim and nothing on the ailerons required, so perhaps a little nose heavy. Turns were good but probably need a smidge of left trust on the engine to be combat ready. Overall aerobatics were good and crisp, climb rate good for a 0.15 model but not excessive (will reduce with a streamer). Landing was very steady and stable, with no hint of the dreaded tip stall (the washout in the wing). So overall a total success.........I'll try and get some pictures

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