Indoor Depron

Models built from commercial plans
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Indoor Depron

Post by Colin » Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:44 pm

Well currently underway is a 'F3X' F3P design. (The plans are available for free from

Not built a Depron model before so its quite interesting. (Amazing how far UHU Por will go... fingers, chairs, doors, dog!)

To go with this I will be trying a new Hitec clone from Hobby King. A guy in the UK (Simon Chambers) has reverse engineered the Hitec output and then reprogrammed FrSky Rx's to give a couple of new receivers. At £8 a shot for the park range, if it works then the AR.... Rxs for the Ember and Eastbourne will be out of the window!

With a following wind, the model should be ready for its first crash at the next indoor.

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